TMT Bars

JSW Steel TMT bars are branded as JSW Neosteel

JSW Steel TMT bars are branded as JSW Neosteel. Their design is apt for earthquake-prone zones and are more resistant to shocks due to a combination of higher strength and ductility. Its high UTS/YS ratio of 1.15 minimum ensures a higher energy absorption capacity.

JSW Neosteel conforms to Indian, American, British and Australian Standards.It also meets specific customer requirements with a supply of customized products and ensures the availability of expert services in product application and end use. It is manufactured in Fe-500 & Fe-500D grade


Key features

  • Chemistry & Properties Superior to IS 1786 Fe-500D
  • CLEAN STEEL: Controlled chemistry: S and P restricted to 0.005 – 0.035%.
  • Best Combination of strength and ductility – YS > 530 MPa; %El > 18%
  • Easy Weldability- due to low carbon equivalent. It can be easily butt-welded, lap-welded and manual arc welding can also be done quite simply without any pre-heating
  • Easy Bendability- due to its inherent microstructure with soft ferrite and pearlite core
  • Higher Corrosion Resistance- due to its unique microstructure and absence of residual stresses
  • Higher Fatigue Resistance- due to a uniform and critically designed rib pattern
  • Supply in coil form (8 & 12mm) & straight length with standard length of 12 metres.
  • Dimensional Tolerances and Safe Property – all sizes can be produced to ultra precision tolerance, as low as +/- 2 % of weight tolerance, better than limits of IS 1786-2008 and within 3 sigma statistical limits


  • Size 8 to 40 mm (Straight form)
  • 8 to 12 mm (Coil form)
  • Yield Strength N/mm2 (Min) 530
  • Tensile Strength N/mm2 (Min) 610
  • Elongation (min) %18

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