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Chosen for their durability, strength and resistance to weather, Metal used in the construction industry serve a wide range of functions. The most common of them are carbon steel, which each have their particular qualities and ideal uses. As a whole, however, these metals are ubiquitous in the world of buildings and architecture, in applications both small and large.

Carbon steel is one alloy that is prized in the construction industry for its hardness and strength. It is typically used to make beams for structural framework, plates for highway construction, and rectangular tubing for welded frames trailer beds, and bridges. It is also a material of choice to make rebar and hollow structural sections (HSS). Made by mixing carbon and iron together, carbon steel is classified on a scale of “mild” to “very high,” depending on how much carbon is present in the metal.

Construction is a highly localized industry with significant variances between countries and regions. In all markets, we work closely with our customers to deliver solutions aimed at improving cost-effectiveness and speed of construction, increasing the functionality and performance of buildings and infrastructure.



We offer a full range of products in different steel grades and dimensions for critical key processes in the refining sector, such as:

Conversion processes: fluid catalytic cracking (FCC), cokers, hydrocrackers and others where pipes used must be resistant to high temperatures and very corrosive environments

Treatment processes and sulfur recovery plants: where our tubes offer an outstanding performance in severe sour conditions

We are committed to supplying high-quality products, services and on-schedule delivery to ensure a high project performance for critical processes which could have a major impact on the project’s profitability.

ABF steel offers product packages for wide ranging Refineries applications as well as base steel products. These include high quality welded pipeline, Plates, Tubes, Channels, Beams and prefabricated structural products for wind as well as oil and gas structures.



Our  product portfolio for this sector includes wide ranging energy applications as well as quality base steel products like high quality, structural products, light, Medium & heavy Fabricated systems and steel components for petrochemical. Additional processing options are also available including coating, profiling and welding.

We provide a full range of products for petrochemical plants, where large diameter pipes and alloy steel are necessary to withstand extreme temperatures and high-pressure environments.

Our products are used in:

  • Olefin plants: ethylene and propylene plants
  • Aromatics plants: benzene, toluene and others
  • Fertilizer plants: ammonia and urea plants
  • Other applications: organics and plastics plants.

Heavy Engineering


The heavy engineering companies are mostly ETO (Engineered to Order) heavy steel fabricators they have capacity to manufacture heavy equipment for the fertilizer, refinery, petrochemicals, power, steel, port handling, and several other allied industries.

The comprehensive portfolio of solutions ranges for these Heavy Engineering companies manufactures and fabricates a wide range of engineered-to-order heavy equipment such as pressure vessels, reactors, vacuum vessels, cranes and steel plant equipment.

We offer a range of steel plates and beams for these companies to choose from, based on their customized requirements.

Power Plants


The power generation industry is currently facing two important challenges: how to increase plant efficiency and reduce emissions in compliance with international regulations. Both these targets can be achieved by improving the technologies and materials used in power stations, which are increasingly subjected to high operating stresses and temperatures.

We provide extensive products that satisfy the stringent quality requirements of the power generation industry such as ultra-high creep resistance and increased high temperature oxidation resistance as well as high thermal fatigue resistance and optimum microstructural stability.

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